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Savor Long Island's Best Brunch Spots

Savor Long Island's Best Brunch Spots

Long Island is a brunch lover's paradise, offering an array of delightful spots to indulge in a leisurely morning meal. From cozy cafes to waterfront eateries, Long Island's brunch scene has something for every palate. Here's an updated list of some of the top brunch spots to explore:

  • Toast Coffeehouse, Patchogue (@toastcoffeehouse): Nestled in the heart of Patchogue, Toast Coffeehouse is a beloved brunch destination known for its cozy atmosphere and mouthwatering menu. From fluffy pancakes to savory omelets, Toast offers a diverse selection of brunch classics with a creative twist. Don't miss their signature French toast, a true crowd-pleaser.
  • The Shed Restaurant, Huntington (@theshedrestaurant): For those seeking a rustic and inviting brunch setting, The Shed Restaurant in Huntington is a must-visit. Set in a charming, converted barn, this hidden gem serves up farm-to-table brunch fare that celebrates the local flavors of Long Island. Indulge in their farm-fresh eggs Benedict or savor the flavors of their seasonal fruit crepes.
  • The Watershed, Patchogue (@thewatershedli): Experience a laid-back brunch vibe at The Watershed in Patchogue. This local favorite offers a welcoming ambiance and a diverse brunch menu featuring everything from classic egg dishes to indulgent sweet treats. Pair your meal with a specialty coffee or a refreshing mimosa for the perfect brunch experience.
  • Besito Mexican, Roslyn (@besitomexican): For a brunch with a south-of-the-border twist, head to Besito Mexican in Roslyn. This vibrant eatery serves up a brunch menu inspired by the flavors of Mexico, featuring delicious dishes like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and freshly made guacamole. Don't forget to complement your meal with a refreshing margarita or agua fresca.
  • Chops, Patchogue (@chopspatchogue): Indulge in a luxurious brunch experience at Chops in Patchogue, where the focus is on prime steaks and exceptional brunch fare. From steak and eggs to decadent lobster benedict, Chops offers a sophisticated brunch menu that's perfect for special occasions or leisurely weekend dining.
  • Bayberry Beer Hall, Islip (@bayberryislip): Discover a unique brunch experience at Bayberry Beer Hall in Islip, where the focus is on craft beer and inventive brunch dishes. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere as you savor their creative brunch offerings, from beer-infused pancakes to hearty breakfast sandwiches.
  • Goody Two Shoes Bar, Patchogue (@goodytwoshoesbar): For a brunch experience with a laid-back, neighborhood vibe, visit Goody Two Shoes Bar in Patchogue. This cozy establishment offers a diverse brunch menu featuring classic favorites and innovative dishes, all served with a side of friendly hospitality.
  • Village Idiot Pub, Patchogue (@villageidiotpub): Embrace the lively atmosphere of the Village Idiot Pub in Patchogue, where brunch is a celebration of good food and good times. Indulge in their hearty brunch options, from traditional Irish breakfast to indulgent brunch burgers, served alongside a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails.
  • Whiskey Neat, Patchogue (@whiskeyneatny): Experience a brunch with a touch of Southern charm at Whiskey Neat in Patchogue. This bourbon-centric establishment offers a brunch menu that combines classic comfort food with modern flair, creating a unique dining experience for brunch enthusiasts.


Whether you're a local looking for a new brunch spot or a visitor eager to explore Long Island's culinary delights, these brunch places offer a diverse range of flavors and atmospheres to suit every preference. From creative menus to inviting settings, these spots capture the essence of Long Island's vibrant brunch scene.

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